VFS Utils

Welcome to the VFS Utils Project homepage.

This project aims to offer a number of tools for the Apache Commons Virtual File System framework.

If you are a developer you can use the VFS API in your code directly. If not, you'll need some kind of user interface.

On this site you can find a module that will allow you to use the Apache FTPServer as an interface. This module provides a VFS based implementation of two modules of Apache FTPServer, the user manager and the file system manager. With this you can use the Apache FTPServer to connect to any VFS Provider, including the Dctm VFS Provider. See the VFS FTPServer homepage for more information.

You can also find here the VFS Shell command line tool. This provides you with a command shell that works on top of the VFS. It is based on the Shell example of Apache Commons VFS but is more modular and extensible and has some additional features such as pushd, popd, attribute and operation commands.

You can enhance the shell by using the JLine integration which adds password masking and tab completion for commands and file names.

You can also run the shell as a SSHD server application that can be accessed with ssh clients. Every user will have its own independent remote shell. The VFS SSHD server also supports SCP and SFTP connections.

Additional VFS utilities can be found in the Utils project.

Other VFS clients

Another front-end you can use is JCommander, a Java based file manager that uses the Apache VFS layer.

Apache VFS is also supported by other tools, for example by two open source ESB implementations, Mule and Apache ServiceMix.

Hopefully the number of tools will further increase in the future.

This project is hosted at SourceForge.


  • 21-01-2017: Updated to VFS 2.1 and FTP Server 1.1.0, added an XML command for xpath
  • 10-10-2010: Added find, compare and stopwatch commands to Shell
  • 16-05-2010: Improvement of FTP Server session isolation, SFTP support for SSHD, some command improvements
  • 07-02-2010: Improvements of Shell cp, mv and rm commands
  • 20-12-2009: Fix for Shell cp and mv commands, FTP avoids getting size on folders
  • 28-11-2009: Upgraded to MINA SSHD 0.3.0
  • 09-08-2009: Added integration with Apache MINA SSHD for Shell, improved JLine integration and added xslt and unregister commands for Shell, added xml and xsl related Utils
  • 21-06-2009: Added a binary distribution for VFS Shell.
  • 18-04-2009: Updated utils and shell snapshots for sysinfo and others
  • 22-03-2009: Updated shell snapshots for sync and md5 support
  • 12-03-2009: First release of snapshot of VFS Shell, JLine integration and Utils
  • 01-03-2009: First release of VFS FTP Server bridge to work with Mina FTP 1.0.x
  • 15-02-2009: Added JLine integration
  • 14-12-2008: Moved sources from Dctm VFS project